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Climate Stories from Across Dane County

Wherever you are in Dane County you're likely to see progress on climate change. Folks are doing innovative things to reduce emissions and increase prosperity  in every corner of the county. 

                 Group of solar installers doing a team huddle

Partnering on Jobs, Clean Energy: 
SunPeak and the Urban League of Greater Madison

Dane County convened the Dane County Council on Climate Change to create this Climate Action Plan. Little did we expect that Council members would partner together to reduce emissions and increase equity before the plan was even finished—but that is exactly what happened.



Former Oscar Mayer site

Former Oscar Mayer Site to Be Revitalized via PACE Financing

(Madison, WI) Like many American kids, you may have grown up singing the catchy jingle that started with, “My baloney has a first name, it’s O-S-C-A-R, my baloney has a second name it’s M-A-Y-E-R.” The song brings back fond memories of my childhood, when I ate baloney sandwiches and a time when the Oscar Mayer plant was headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin. For ninety-four years it was a symbol of prosperity for Madison’s north side, until its closure in 2017.  At one time Oscar Mayer accounted for an estimated 4,000 jobs in the city. 

                 Tesla cab in front of office building

Zerology Envisions Unparalleled Transportation Options with Zero Emissions

Zerology is a start-up company that envisions Dane County with fewer cars and greater clean transportation possibilities. Zerology Founder and CEO, Shree Kalluri, sees a future where it’s affordable for anyone in Dane County to use a shared electric vehicle for day trips or to run errands.  

Solar at FUS

First Unitarian Society of Madison
Campus Reflects Commitment to Earth

First Unitarian Society of Madison is most physically recognizable as the "Frank Lloyd Wright church." As a Unitarian Universalist congregation, we are rooted in a tradition based on the "respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part." In 2008, we built on our legacy and tradition with our 2009 LEED-certified Atrium Addition building, which included the installation of a living roof, a rain garden, geothermal heating and cooling, and a permeable pavement parking lot. 

                 Madison Fire Station 14

Madison's Fire Station 14 Shows What's Possible

A LEED Platinum building, Fire Station 14 is a model of energy efficiency and environmental sustainability for the Fire Department and the City of Madison. The design process for this project followed the AIA Framework for Design Excellence (formally known as the COTE Top 10). Through a truly integrated design process, the whole team was brought to the table early in the project to highlight opportunities, set goals, and establish roles and responsibilities from design and construction through the occupancy period.  

Young woman speaking at climate rally

A Youthful Climate Justice Hero Emerges

“I felt my heart pounding. I felt my whole body shivering, yet I held the microphone tight knowing that what I was about to say was right. I felt empowered, despite the hours that had gone by screaming through the day’s climate fight.  Little did I know that as I spoke truth to power that my words would have such might..." 

                 Solar on roof of Promega's parking ramp

Promega's Parking Lot Gets a Sustainability Makeover

As Promega grows globally and locally, the construction of new and expanding facilities are considered with great care to ensure a commitment to sustainability. Between April and November of 2019, the parking ramp located near the Feynman Center received a massive upgrade with long-term impacts on the company’s sustainability goals.  

Crop plane flies over farm

Yahara Pride Farms Encourages Environmental Stewardship

Established in 2012, Yahara Pride Farms is a farmer-led 501c(3) non-profit organization that strives to preserve agricultural heritage while simultaneously encouraging farmers to engage in proactive environmental stewardship within the Yahara Watershed. Participating farms employ practices that result in the preservation and enhancement of soil and water resources for today, and for generations to come.

                 Students with solar electric panel

Students Lead Efforts to Get Solar on Schools

In 2017, a coalition of students and staff at Madison West High School launched a campaign to install solar panels on the school’s roof. This group, West Green Club, created an adopt-a-panel program in which individuals and organizations could adopt and name a solar panel with a $500 donation. 

Front of hospital

Geothermal Pays Off for Edgerton Hospital

What really puts Edgerton Hospital on the map as a pioneer in green building is the fact that it’s the first hospital in the State of Wisconsin, as well as the first critical access hospital in the United States, to be built using geothermal heating and cooling.

                  Biosolar on Milwaukee Public Library

Sustainability at Henry Vilas Zoo

The polar bear has become, to some extent, the poster child of climate change impacts.   The loss of arctic sea ice is making it increasingly difficult for polar bears to find and capture their primary prey -- seals.

                   Car charging in garage

MGE Partners on Electric Transportation

MGE partners to electrify transportation, working with residential, and commercial and fleet customers, both public and private.

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