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In 2017, Dane County was one of the first local governments to join We Are Still In, an alliance committed to the Paris Climate Agreement carbon reduction goal. 

Dane County continues to work toward the goal to be carbon-free by 2050. Partnering with local businesses, agriculture, and municipalities, Dane County is committed to developing initiatives that not only reduce our climate impact, but also provide new employment and revenue opportunities for our rural and urban communities.

Public Works

Landfill Renewable Natural Gas

Dane County has installed a system at its landfill that converts landfill biogas to renewable natural gas (RNG). The first of its kind in the nation, the $28 million facility is estimated to generate enough revenue to pay back the cost of the project in just a few years.

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Airport solar energy

One of the largest solar projects in Wisconsin will be located on 57 acres at the Dane County Regional Airport. More than 20,000 solar panels will generate 9 megawatts of renewable electricity— enough to meet 25% of the electricity used by all county-owned facilities.

Biosolar on Milwaukee Public Library

Green Infrastructure

Our office issued a white paper on green infrastructure. The paper describes various kinds of green infrastructure options and highlights innovative projects across the Midwest and around the world. We've also compiled a list of vendors with expertise in green infrastructure. 

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Flood Mitigation & Adaptation

Recent flooding has had a major impact on our communities, causing millions of dollars of damage. Climate change will increase the frequency of severe storms. Find out what steps Dane County is taking to mitigate flood risk. 

Clean Energy Map

Clean Energy Map

Our interactive map showcases Dane County's clean energy and land conservation projects. Learn about the many ways we're already reducing carbon pollution. 

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Other Dane County Solar

Did you know that Dane County is a leader in Wisconsin when it comes to publicly-owned solar installations? These projects provide clean energy jobs while significantly reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

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