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Zerology Envisions Unparalleled Transportation Options with Zero Emissions

Zerology is a start-up company that envisions Dane County with fewer cars and greater clean transportation possibilities. Zerology Founder and CEO, Shree Kalluri, sees a future where it’s affordable for anyone in Dane County to use a shared electric vehicle for day trips or to run errands. Zerology’s mission is to reduce the need for individual vehicle ownership by providing unparalleled transportation options with zero-emissions. Fewer cars on the road means cleaner air and faster commutes – helping to improve productivity and economic development.
The Zerology suite of products and technology contributes to a smart and shared mobility ecosystem for Dane County.

  • Rideshare creates affordable and convenient options for Dane County residents to use electric vehicles. Zerology recently partnered with Green Cab of Madison and converted their entire fleet to all-new Tesla Model 3, zero-emission vehicles - available for the public to use today. In the future, Shree envisions an expanded network of zero emissions rideshare vehicles as Zerology is exploring partnerships with other taxi companies in Madison. 
  • Zerology is piloting a new car sharing program, ZeroCar, in early 2020. Using Zerology’s mobile application members can register, reserve a car, unlock, and go. Zero emissions vehicles will be available at four area apartment buildings during the pilot. As this network expands to residential and commercial locations throughout Dane County, more people will be able to use zero emissions vehicles to get where they need to go.
  • Zerology is planning to introduce micro-transit community and corporate shuttle options which will provide more flexibility for eco-friendly travel. These electric shuttles will expand current commuter options with zero emissions vehicles that will enable easy access to workplaces in city centers or surrounding areas. This expanded micro-transit network will help businesses and workers connect, grow Dane County’s workforce and contribute to economic development.   
  • Beyond moving people, soon Zerology will offer electric vehicles to overhaul how commercial goods and services are delivered in Dane County. Switching from diesel fuel to electric vehicles to deliver packages will reduce air and noise pollution from idling diesel trucks and improve air quality in the area. Fewer diesel emissions will contribute to better health outcomes, including fewer asthma attacks. 

With fewer cars, cleaner vehicles, and better transportation systems, the future is more sustainable. Kalluri visualizes a future with more parks and less parking lots – a Dane County transportation sector that saves money, saves time, and helps save the planet.  

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