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The Inflation Reduction Act

With an estimated $369 billion in tax credits and financing for clean energy strategies, the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) is the single largest U.S. investment in climate action. This funding makes pursuing clean energy solutions easier and more affordable than ever, putting our country on a path to reduce its emissions 40% by 2030. 

The Dane County Office of Energy & Climate Change is sharing resources about the IRA to encourage everyone in Dane County to take advantage of these unprecedented opportunities to go green. 

How You Can Take Advantage of the IRA

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Learn more about how individuals can take advantage of the tax credits and grants available through the IRA.

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Learn more about how businesses, non-profits, local government, and schools can utilize tax credits, rebates, and grants available through the IRA.

Businesses/Other Entities
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Projected Impact From IRA

The IRA's impact is projected to be substantial:

  • Clean Energy Jobs: Bring an estimated $4 billion of investment in large-scale clean power and storage to Wisconsin between now and 2030
  • Boost domestic manufacturing of clean energy and transportation technologies and leading global market for clean steel, aluminum, cement, and more.
  • Rural opportunities: by supporting climate-smart agricultural practices, Wisconsin’s farmers can lead on climate solutions and be rewarded for stewardship.
  • Cleaner air: Financial investments in clean energy are predicted to reduce pollution, resulting in 100,000 fewer asthma attacks each year, as well as lowering greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Resilient communities: the IRA will upgrade affordable housing, increasing community resilience in the face of extreme weather. Grant funding through IRA will be available to support transportation projects and for planning to protect against flooding, extreme heat, and more. Additional investments will also strengthen forests, including for fire prevention and tree planting.

Impact in Wisconsin

The IRA creates an unprecedented opportunity to accelerate clean energy adoption in Wisconsin. By supplementing the renewable energy and energy efficiency incentives available from Focus on Energy, the IRA will spur adoption of clean energy improvements across the state. The IRA also creates new incentives for the electrification of buildings and fleet, which will reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 

Read more about the benefits projected for Wisconsin communities from White House officials.

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Justice40 and the Inflation Reduction Act

The Federal Government has set a goal that 40 percent of the overall benefits of certain Federal investments will flow to disadvantaged communities that were historically underserved and/or are disproportionately impacted by climate change. To meet this goal, many Federal program guidelines are being rewritten to ensure disadvantaged communities are positioned to receive at least 40 percent of available funding. This means that 40 percent of the available grants and spending within the IRA will be focused on underserved communities.

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IRA Community Talks and Downloadable Resources

Watch some our latest talks, webinars, and podcasts around the community about the Inflation Reduction Act. You can also download handouts and information to share on social media to communicate IRA-related information within your organization and members.

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