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The Climate Champions program recognizes local entities that are leading on climate action. Our aim is to celebrate local leadership.

We are now accepting applications for 2021 Climate Champions.

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Visit our Climate Champions map to learn more about all the ways Dane County's Climate Champions are reducing emissions and setting an example for others.

See press release for award details.

Kudos 2020 Climate Champions!

Recognition Matters

More than 3 in 4 Dane County residents recognize that climate change is real. Increasingly, people want to see action--from government, from businesses, and even from their neighbors. Dane County folk understand that when we reduce emissions we create a stronger, more prosperous Dane County.

And action is happening. Local governments, businesses, and nonprofit organizations are all doing important work to reduce emissions. Trouble is, modest Midwesterners don’t always talk up their own accomplishments.

Our Office of Energy & Climate Change, by contrast, is delighted to celebrate the leadership of various entities across Dane County. That’s why we created the Climate Champions program.


2021 Climate Champions

In 2021 we are accepting applications from entities in 9 categories! Learn more.


2020 Climate Champions

Learn more about the 2020 Climate Champion application form here.


Individuals as Climate Champions

Lots of households in our area are taking action on climate too. People are installing solar, electrifying their homes and vehicles, etc.  If you are leading on climate action, you can get a Climate Champions decal for your efforts. Just fill out this form. While we publish lists of the local governments and businesses that achieve Climate Champion status, we do not plan to publish a list of the individuals who achieve Climate Champion status.  


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