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Dane County is Committed to Addressing Climate Change

Dane County is a special place. We are home to numerous innovative biotech companies as well as hundreds of miles of hiking and biking trails on 12,000 acres of public land. Although our greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions are significant, we know we can eliminate those emissions. After all, in addition to 500,000 people and 55,000 cows, we have a world-class university, hundreds of thousands of people who are concerned about climate change, and Dane County’s leadership that is committed to meaningful action on climate change.

Joe Parisi and Dan fill a Ho Chunk vehcile at the county's RNG station

This momentum enables us to see the many opportunities we have to address climate change. When we reduce our emissions we create opportunities for a stronger, more prosperous Dane County. By reducing waste and embracing clean energy we can:

  • Increase the County’s commitment to equity and justice
  • Deliver economic benefits to all parties
  • Improve health and wellness of all residents
  • Increase our ability to adapt and be resilient to a changing climate
  • Bridge the rural and urban divide, creating solutions that work for everyone in the county
  • Enhance our natural environments, delivering ecosystem benefits

And we are already hard at work on this vision. With input from hundreds of entities across Dane County, have a Climate Action Plan that maps our path to a better future. In fulfilling the commitments set forth in the Climate Action Plan, Dane County is focused on partnership-driven leadership that educates and assists individuals, businesses, and government in reducing their carbon impact. And with the recent passage of the Inflation Reduction Act, there has never been a better time to get started!

Recognition for our Leadership

Recognizing Dane County's efforts to green our operations and to facilitate broader action, RENEW Wisconsin named Dane County the 2020 Renewable Energy Pioneer of the Year. In the short video below RENEW staff talk about why they gave Dane County this award.

Recent News

CDP A List Cities

In 2021 Dane County received an A rating from the Carbon Disclosure Project, the highest rating rating for climate action. This is an impressive accomplishment! See the full list of cities and counties receiving this recognition.

Recent News

EPA Green Power Leadership Award banners

In September 2021 the EPA named Dane County as a Green Power Leadership Award winner. As one of only five organizations in the country to receive the award in 2021, this is a significant achievement for Dane County.

Recent News

EPA Green Power Partner logo

Dane County joined the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Green Power Partners program in 2020, which recognizes businesses and local governments that are leading on using renewable electricity for their operations.

Let’s Do This

Join Dane County's efforts to reduce emissions and inspire others to follow our lead.