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Madison Gas & Electric (MGE), a Partner in Electrifying Transportation

MGE partners to electrify transportation, working with residential, and commercial and fleet customers, both public and private. The electrification of transportation is one of MGE’s key strategies for achieving deep decarbonization and targeting net-zero carbon electricity by 2050.

MGE's programs include:

  • Charge@Home for quick, convenient home charging with no upfront cost. MGE will coordinate the installation of a Level 2 charging station in exchange for a monthly fee of about $20 (64 cents per day), plus the cost of electricity. There is no upfront charge for standard installation, and MGE takes care of charger maintenance and repairs. MGE is able to manage charging sessions remotely, if needed, to better manage the electric grid.
  • public and multifamily charging. MGE began installing public charging stations in 2009. MGE’s growing network includes more than 30 public charging stations, all powered by wind energy. Since 80% of charging occurs at home, MGE partners with developers and property managers to install chargers at multifamily properties.
  • workplace charging to enable employees to charge at work.

Partnering with customers to grow the use of electric vehicles (EV) and awareness of their benefits advances shared energy goals for MGE and our broader community. MGE partners with:

  • the City of Madison to electrify its buses and fleet vehicles.
  • auto dealerships to provide resources and education to sales staff.
  • Lyft, the ridesharing company, to help EV drivers with Lyft share insights with riders.

MGE launched an EV website — LovEV — and an online feature called EV Rider, which provides easy to understand information on EVs and charging. The LovEV website helps customers who are considering an EV get up-to-date and accurate information about available models, driving range, costs, emissions and charging opportunities.

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