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More Inflation Reduction Act Momentum - 4/17/2023

The Dane County Office of Energy & Climate Change’s enthusiasm for the Inflation Reduction Act is well known. We have created a webpage to help locals access the various IRA benefits (e.g., Tax credits for home energy upgrades! Tax credits for EVs! Tax credits for solar and geothermal on homes, businesses AND nonprofits!)

Food is cooked by a person using an induction stovetop in their kitchen.
Why Induction Stoves Are Better - 2/20/2023

Most people are used to their cooking routine— gather the ingredients, prep the food, and hear the gas stove start to click as they light it. I myself am used to this convention, usually fiddling with the gas stove until my food suddenly turns out burnt and I have to turn down the heat.

Outside Dane Williams house
Using Heat Pumps in Wisconsin Winters? Absolutely. - 10/10/2022

Dan Williams has always been interested in sustainability. His older home was heated by a fossil gas-fueled boiler and cooled with traditional central air conditioning. In order to reduce his future reliance on fossil fuels, he decided he wanted to transition to an air-source heat pump to heat and cool his house.

Electrical lines in dawn
The Buzz Around Electrification - 5/11/2022

If you follow climate news (and it’s obvious you do – because you are reading our blog!) then you may have seen references to electrification and you might have questions.

Susan stands in front of her house
Madison Resident Goes All-Electric - 10/7/2021

Susan Millar has been concerned with the impending effects of climate change since she was a teenager. Over the last few decades her sense of urgency about climate change has steadily increased. With this frame of mind, she has become a trailblazer when it comes to energy efficiency.

An Electric Vacation - 6/8/2021

We spent a week and a half showing my sister from California around Wisconsin via a delightful pre-pandemic-style road trip (1,319 miles) in our electric vehicle (EV).

Earth Day EV Parade - 4/30/2021

If every day is Earth Day then every day is an EV (electric vehicle) day in Dane County. Indeed, Dane County is home to more EVs than any other county in Wisconsin. And the local array of EVs were on full display at the Second Annual Earth Day EV Parade in Madison on April 22, 2021.

A Greener Approach to Snow - 1/19/2021

Of the various chores that come with adulthood, I like shoveling snow. I appreciate the sense of accomplishment I get when I look back at a clean sidewalk. Shoveling is a good form of exercise. I also appreciate that I can think about other stuff while I shovel without jeopardizing the quality of my efforts; whereas cooking means I have to be attentive, nobody complains if I daydream while I shovel the driveway.