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Green Infrastructure

Green roof on Madison Children's Museum

Madison's Children's Museum

Green infrastructure is a building feature that manages water by mimicking the natural water cycle. Green infrastructure is a cost-effective and flexible approach to mitigate flooding risks and build resilience. There are many types of green infrastructure, such as green roofs, rain gardens, and biosolar.

Learn more about the various typies of green infrastructure as well as the many benefits of using green infrastructure in our white paper, Green Infrastructure for Dane County: Benefits Add Up. You can download a free copy of the paper below.

Also be sure to check out the list we complled of local businesses that can help with your green infrastructure project.

Keith Reopelle

Sophia Seol

Clean Energy Specialist

A Clean Energy Specialist at OECC, Sophia Seol authored the white paper on green infrastructure, researched net-zero buildings and worked on various other projects. Sophia is originally from Seoul, South Korea, also living in Vancouver, Canada for some years. Sophia majored in international studies-politics and policy in the global economy and environmental studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.