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Let's Electrify Our Transport!
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One of the ways we will reduce emissions in Dane County is to transition our vehicles from dirty fossil fuels to clean energy options. One significant clean energy option is electricity, which is getting cleaner all the time.

Electric vehicles (EVs) are clean, quiet and increasingly affordable. And, when powered by 100% renewable electricity, EVs emit no greenhouse gas emissions. 

More, there are more EV models available all the time

The Dane County Office of Energy & Climate Change is involved in several efforts to accelerate the transition to EVs:

  • Drive Electric Wisconsin is a statewide effort to work with consumers and auto dealers to support EV purchases
  • We also work with local EV owners to increase awareness of the benefits of EVs
  • We helped organize the 2021 Earth Day EV Parade 

If you want to get involved in our efforts to promote EVs, let us know.


Hearing from EV Owners

Owner testimonials are powerful. You are more likely to pay attention when your friend or colleague recommends a particular product. Word-of-mouth advertising beats paid advertising every time. And that is why we encourage EV owners to talk about their EVs. If you drive an EV we hope you will show it off and talk about it--a lot. The more you share about your EV, the more likely you will influence others to choose electric too.

We support several ways for EV owners to talk about their EVs.


Graphic of EV parade with Electric Avenue sign

Earth Day EV Parade: April 22, 2021 

Dane County has more electric vehicles on the road than any other county in Wisconsin. The Earth Day EV Parade is an opportunity for EV owners--individuals as well as businesses--to show off their EVs. 

In 2021 the Earth Day EV parade was April 22, 2021 (Earth Day).  More than 50 EV drivers participated in the event. During a parade through various areas of downtown Madison, vehicles sported EV flags (see right and below), balloons, and various other creative decorations.   

Electric vehicle with signage indicating it's powered by solar energy   Electric vehicles with individuals talking


Check out media coverage of the 2021 Earth Day EV Parade.

Sign up here to hear about future parade opportunities.


In 2020 locals organized the first Earth Day EV Parade, which went from Middleton to the Capitol Square and back to Middleton. Several dozen vehicles participated.

People and vehicles at 2020 Earth Day EV Parade







EV Owners on Social Media

Research shows that talking about your EV on social media can influence others to consider and even purchase an electric vehicle. So we encourage you to do some posts about your EV. Share something you like about your EV to friends or post a short video from the driver's seat of your (parked) EV. Please include the tag #DaneClimateAlly so that we can see, like and even potentially share your post. With your help, we can influence all kinds of people to go electric!



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