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MadiSUN Group Buy

Homeowners stand in front of their new solar energy systemResearching and installing solar can be a confusing process for homeowners. Verifying that your home is compatible with solar, finding contractors, getting bids for the installation, and understanding the financial case for action are all barriers to moving forward. 

Households can overcome those barriers through a Solar Group Buy. The Group Buy process makes solar easy by helping homeowners through every step of the process and even providing bargain solar rates, negotiated in advance with local solar contractors. Participating in a Solar Group Buy is like having a free project manager for the whole process—making the whole process much easier!

In 2022, Dane County residents have the option to pursue a group buy with MadiSUN, sponsored by the City of Madison, to make going solar easy and affordable. Since 2016, the MadiSUN Group Buy Program has helped homeowners across the area install solar-electric systems on their rooftops. MadiSUN spurred over $3.5 million in solar energy investments, with solar installed at over 200 households. 

How To Get StartedSolar panel installation

Dane County residents can receive a complimentary solar assessment by filling out MadiSUN's "I'm Interested" form. Applications for the Group Buy program must be submitted by August 31, 2022. In addition to facilitating the assessment and installation process, MadiSUN also provides homeowners with multiple options for financing, with loans available through greenpenny bank, the Clean Energy Credit Union, though homeowners may choose any other financing mechansim they prefer.

In addition, local governments, green teams, and neighborhood groups can contact MadiSUN to schedule a virtual webinar to help local residents learn more about solar energy and take the first steps toward a 2022 solar installation.