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Making Solar Energy Easy: Two Group Buy Opportunities


Homeowners stand in front of their new solar energy systemResearch shows that some households are overwhelmed by the process of getting solar—verifying that their home is a good solar site, finding solar contractors, getting bids for the installation and understanding the financial case for action.

Households can overcome those barriers through a Solar Group Buy

The Group Buy process makes solar easy—helping homeowners through every step of the process and even providing bargain solar rates, negotiated in advance with local solar contractors. Participating in a Solar Group Buy is like having a free project manager for the whole process—it makes everything much easier!

The awesome news for 2021 is that Dane County residents have access to TWO solar group buy efforts:

Dane County residents can contact either entity to participate in a Solar Group Buy program.

Trisha and Jim pose in front of their solar panels

Both programs offer access to unbiased information and quality solar installations at bargain prices.


A big piece of Solar Group Buys is outreach and education

Local governments, green teams, and even neighborhood groups can contact Legacy Solar Coop or MadiSUN to schedule a virtual webinar where residents can learn more about solar energy and take the first steps toward a 2021 solar installation.

Dane County’s Office of Energy & Climate Change encourages all of its partners—businesses, local governments, nonprofits—to take advantage of the opportunity to work with MadiSUN or Legacy Solar Coop to encourage homeowners to consider a solar installation at their homes.

Together we can achieve a clean energy future!

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