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Dane County aims to cut countywide greenhouse gas emissions in half by 2030.Bicyclist with two kids on rear of bike, all 3 signaling a right turn

You can help us meet this important goal by becoming a Climate Ally.

Climate Allies help accelerate climate action in Dane County in a variety of ways. Allies:

Some Climate Allies are individuals working on their own to make change ; other Climate Allies are teams of people—a workplace green team or a faith-based stewardship committee, for example. Whether you want to make change happen on your own or with others, we are delighted to welcome you as a Climate Ally! We can accomplish more climate action faster working together.

When you join our Climate Ally program, you get access to webinars, toolkits, prizes and other resources that can help you encourage action. Climate Allies also have opportunities to help our Office plan future climate action initiatives. 

Join our Climate Ally efforts.


Share Your Stories

As humans, we constantly take cues from the people around us. If a friend tells me a new book is amazing, I am more likely to check out that book. If you see multiple friends raving about a new restaurant you are more likely to try that restaurant. Our behaviors, even installing solar energy, are contagious. That means you can inspire others to climate action by making your own actions more visible. 

There are probably a lot of things you have done to reduce your emissions. You might save energy at home, for example, or you might have a strategy for combining trips to reduce your driving. We want you to share your climate-positive practices with your social networks. Sustainability stories can create a virtuous circle: the more you talk about what you are doing, the more others will take action too!

Consider, for example:

These are all important climate action steps. AND in each of these cases, the person can increase their impact tenfold if they share their actions with their social networks. The actions you take matter; we can maximize the results by making those actions visible to the people around you.

For example:Facebook post about household energy usage

Everyone has opportunities to talk about the benefits of their climate actions. (Even me--see the example on the right from my own Facebook page!) But be clear: this is not about lecturing others or shaming others for their choices. Make your sustainable actions more visible by talking about the benefits you see from your actions. Aim to start a conversation. You want friends to ask questions that enable them to take action, after all.

When you share your actions, include us in the sharing. If you share via social media, add #DaneClimateAlly to your post so that we see it. If you share in person, drop us a line about what you did. Every month we will recognize at least one Climate Ally who shared their story. 

Join our Climate Ally efforts.


Encourage Others to Act

You might have tried to motivate others to action before and maybe you were frustrated that people did not adopt the changes you recommended. 

As our Climate Ally, we will help you be more successful at encouraging others to action. In fact, you will have access to webinars and workshops focused on the science of behavior change. 

Change is difficult.  It works better when you:

Where do you get those first-step suggestions?  From us, of course!  Every month we'll provide at least one easy action that delivers results. And as a Climate Ally you can access the library of past actions as well.  

Join our Climate Ally efforts.


Support Local Climate Leaders

In addition to inspiring change, it is important to provide positive reinforcement for the change that is already happening.

Numerous businesses, local governments and community groups in Dane County are taking action to address climate change. These entities are investing in clean energy solutions, reducing waste and leading by example.

Look for opportunities to recognize, thank and patronize local entities that are leading on climate action.

Our interactive maps are a great source of information on local climate leaders.

Join our Climate Ally efforts.

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