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Dane County Regional Airport Solar

Dane County partnered with Madison Gas and Electric (MGE) to build one of the largest solar projects in Wisconsin. The project is located on 58 acres at the Dane County Regional Airport where more than 20,000 solar panels generate 10 megawatts of renewable electricity— enough to meet 40% of the electricity used by county-owned facilities in MGE's service territory.

This project is part of MGE's Renewable Energy Rider program. Under that program MGE owns the solar system, which is installed on land rented from the County. Dane County has agreed to buy all of the electricity generated at the project for 30 years and, as part of that agreement, negotiated a discounted rate for the electricity. The discounted rate covers the full cost of constructing and maintaining the solar field, which means it works out for MGE too.  

The solar farm also doubles as a habitat for monarch butterflies and other pollinator populations.

The project was completed in December 2020. Already the Dane County Regional Airport Solar Project saved $400,000 in electrical costs for taxpayers! Learn more in the video below.

The Dane County Regional Airport Solar Project saved the County $400,000 in electric bills in 2023!