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New Clean Fuel Vehicles for Dane County

public works director standing in front of grey electric car

For years Dane County has been transitioning heavy duty vehicles from diesel to Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) and now various departments are also transitioning their light-duty vehicles from gas and diesel to electric.

Prior to 2023 Dane County had just a handful of plug-in electric vehicles (EVs). The County added seven new EVs in 2023: pulic works director standing in front of white electric car

  • Human Services added two all-electric Hyundai Ioniqs and a Ford E Transit van
  • Sheriff’s Office added three Ford Mach Es
  • Land & Water Resources added a Chevy Bolt

More, already in 2024, the County has replaced eight fossil fuel vehicles with EVs:

  • Public Works added four EVs—two Hyundai Ioniqs, a Nissan Leaf and a Chevy Bolt
  • Land & Water Resources added four more EVs—two Ford F-150 Lightning pickup trucks and two Hyundai Konas. 

These electric vehicles replace gas and diesel cars, reducing the County’s emissions while also reducing ongoing operating costs. More, under the Inflation Reduction Act, these purchases qualify for a $7,500 Elective Pay from the US Treasury. 

Kathy Kuntz, Director of the Office of Energy & Climate Change, spoke with Public Works personnel about their experiences making the transition to EVs. Watch the recording below for the full interview. Public Works Director Todd Draper called it a “very smooth, seamless transition,” and encouraged other departments to explore how EVs could meet their needs. 

Dane County has a goal to be carbon neutral in its facility, fleet and land operations by 2030. Transitioning to EVs helps achieve this goal because 100% of Dane County’s electricity is renewable offset