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Urban tree infographic

Benefits of Urban Trees

"Behind the beauty of trees are hardworking natural solutions to climate change – important for the health of our environment and people. As we continue our work, trees continue their work of capturing carbon, treating stormwater, cleaning our air, and providing shade when needed." - Hannah Kett, Cities Program Manager, Washington State 

How trees benefit people infographic

How do trees benefit people?

"Beyond adding beauty to our communities, trees provide real health and safety benefits to people living in cities and towns every day"

Benefits of trees infographic

Environmental Benefits

"In addition to lumber, paper, and a host of other products, forests provide benefits called “ecosystem services”, including:

  • filtering air to improve air quality
  • preventing soil erosion
  • supplying places for outdoor recreation
  • providing wildlife and pollinator habitat
  • sequestering and storing carbon
  • protecting water quality
  • offering scenic beauty"

Tree Planting Basics

Tree in ground drawijng

Tree Planting Handout

Intersted in planting a tree on your property? Take a look at our Tree Planting Handout to learn best practices.

How to Plant a Tree Flyer

How to plant a balled and burlapped tree