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Upcoming Events

Let's Talk Trees Webinar

Trees play an important role in climate resilience. Trees provide natural cooling, reduce flood risks, expand recreational opportunities and create positive health outcomes.

Over the last decade, our tree canopy in Dane County has shrunk by more than 30% in some areas—which means it’s a priority to maintain, protect and expand our tree canopy, especially in underserved communities.

On Thursday, June 23 at 9 am members of the Dane County Tree Canopy Working Group will talk about their ad hoc efforts to understand and document how our tree canopy is changing over time. They will also talk about their partnership with the Thriving Earth Program to prioritize and accelerate efforts to reverse tree loss in our region.

The event will include some cool maps that show how our tree canopy is changing as well as opportunities for you to share your thoughts and ideas about how communities can work together to protect and expand our tree canopy.

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Community volunteer opportunities:

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Past Events

On April 9 the Dane County Tree Canopy Working Group co-hosted a tree planting event in partnership with the Cambridge Tree Project. Volunteers planted approximately 90 in Cambridge, Wisconsin. Thanks to all the volunteers who helped make this event possible!