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Dane County Climate Champions

The Climate Champions program recognizes local entities that are leading on climate action. Our aim is to celebrate local leadership and inspire action from individuals, government, schools, businesses, and nonprofits across Dane County. Entities can submit for recognition in one or more of ten different categories and be recognized by the Office of Energy and Climate Change as Climate Champions. Entities are recognized with up to four star designations depending on the sustainability practices that they implemented. All awardees are granted public recognition, including signage for their businesses.

The 2022 Climate Champion Application is Now Closed

2022 Climate Champions awards will be announced by early September. Stay tuned!


Learn More About Our 2021 Climate Champions


Last year the Office of Energy and Climate Change recognized thirty organizations as Climate Champions, with 48 awards issued across nine categories. Of those receiving Climate Champion status, 30% are schools or government organizations, 53% are businesses, and 16% are churches or community-based nonprofits. Read more about the 2021 Climate Champions from the press release and take a look at the Climate Champion map, which features all of the past and present Climate Champions with details about their accomplishments.



2022 Climate Champion recognition categories

  • Building Energy Use - for entities with very energy efficient buildings.

  • Building Design - for still-under-construction facilities that are projected to be very energy efficient.

  • Fleet Operations - for entities with a fleet powered by clean fuels.

  • Employee Commuting - for entities where the workforce commutes via bike, walking, transit or telecommuting.

  • Water Saving Practices - for entities that have implemented practices to reduce water usage.

  • Waste Diversion Practices - for entities that have strong waste diversion practices.

  • Sustainable Land Use Practices - for farms and land with strong sustainability practices.

  • Catalysts -for entities who help others take climate actions.

  • GHG Emissions - for entities that have reduced their carbon footprint.

  • Other - for entities who have taken actions that don't fit into other categories.

Individuals as Climate Champions

Individual households are taking action on climate too. People are installing solar, electrifying their homes and vehicles, etc.  If you are leading on climate action, you can get a Climate Champions decal for your efforts. Just fill out this form. Although we publish lists of the local governments and businesses that achieve Climate Champion status, we do not publish individuals who achieve Climate Champion status.