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Dane County Office of Energy & Climate Change
  • Climate Change is a global issue and Dane County is just one county in one state--does it really matter what Dane County does on climate change?

    Dane County’s efforts definitely matter! First, it’s everyone’s responsibility to do their part. We all need to reduce our emissions as part of the global effort to slow climate change. And, second, we are Dane County, home to some of the brightest scientific, entrepreneurial and policy minds in the country. We feel a responsibility to lead--to reduce our emissions in a way that will inspire others to do their part too.

  • Our climate action plan (CAP) lays out a strategy for cutting emissions in half by 2030. As we begin to achieve that vision we can inspire others to join us, creating the momentum we need to address climate change regionally and then on a national and, ultimately, global level.









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